Wellness Tutoring Programs

Life happens, and there are times when you cannot perform and achieve the set goals. You might struggle to find adequate time to focus on yourself and fulfill your need to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Our wellness tutoring programs are devised just for you. If you find managing time, prioritizing, managing stress, growing professionally, or achieving optimal well-being challenging, our wellness tutoring programs will be helpful.

What are the benefits of our wellness tutoring programs?

It makes you an independent learner

One of the most powerful benefits of our wellness tutoring programs is that candidates tend to become independent learners as we teach them the "how-to" of solving life problems. The tutor will encourage students to find answers to their problems, pushing them to think for themselves and not depend on someone else.

Increases sense of community

Once enrolled, you will find that you are not alone in facing the life problems you are struggling with. Instead, you will become a part of a community where people want to overcome life problems, become better human beings, and excel at what they do. 

It makes you learn at your own pace

The online wellness tutoring programs can be accessed on your own time, which fosters consistency. Students can learn the most when they are not rushed into understanding the concepts. Our wellness programs help students to learn at their own pace.

Ensures few distractions

Online tutoring sessions are essentially one-to-one sessions that push you to remove all distracting factors. The wellness tutor will ensure that you stay focused throughout the session by indulging you in an educational conversation — helping you improve your attention and learn better.

Improves self-esteem and self-confidence

All our tutoring professionals prioritize improving students' self-esteem and confidence. We do that by emphasizing cashing in their "natural ability." As a result, the tutor will ensure students are at ease and off guard during the sessions. This is when students can absorb the most knowledge.

Our Bestselling Wellness Tutoring Programs

Behavioral Modification Tutoring

They say your life is a result of your habits and behavior. This is because you develop them over time. Our behavioral modification tutoring program teaches how to inculcate and practice the proper behavior sets to achieve the set life goals. Enroll yourself in our Behavioral Modification Tutoring Program.

Anxiety Tutoring

Are you fighting anxiety and depression? Please take action today by signing up for our anxiety tutoring program. Our wellness tutors will help you understand anxiety and depression and provide tips and assignments to live an anxiety-free life. So enroll yourself in our Anxiety Tutoring Program.

Meditation Tutoring

Meditation can improve your ability to focus all your efforts and energy on achieving the set life goals. We have designed an excellent meditation tutoring program that will walk you through the fundamentals of meditation and help you master this ancient self-improvement skill. Enroll yourself in our Meditation Tutoring Program.

Mindfulness Tutoring

Are you able to stay mindful for long hours? If not, our mindfulness training course will help you maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Enroll in our Mindfulness Tutoring Program today and learn how to stay in the present moment.

Anger Management Tutoring

Don't let anger take control over your personal and professional life. Our experts will show you how to manage and turn anger into your strength. Enroll yourself in our Anger Management Tutoring Program.

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Self-control Tutoring

The secret to success is discipline, self-control, and staying consistent. Our trained and experienced coaches will help you achieve total control over your thoughts and actions. Enroll yourself in our Self-Control Tutoring Program.

Self-awareness Tutoring

How aware are you of yourself? Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? Our trained coaches will help you become more aware of yourself than ever. The tests and assignments will reflect your potential, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Enroll yourself in our Self-Awareness Tutoring Program.


Behavioral Tutoring

Do you have behavioral difficulties? Our experienced wellness coaches will help you deal with behavioral issues such as behavioral addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and others. All you need to do is enroll yourself in our Behavioral Tutoring Program to start getting positive results.

Confidence Tutoring

How can you build academic, personal, or professional confidence? You should take the help of our expert coaches as they teach the secret to make a confident personality and outlook. Enroll yourself in our Confidence Tutoring Program.

Social Competence Tutoring

Do you have the social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral skills for effective and successful social interaction? Take this opportunity to evaluate your social competence and become a contributing member of society. Enroll yourself in our Social Competence Tutoring Program.

Empathy Tutoring

Cultivating empathy is crucial as this simple quality can help you communicate well and have better personal and professional relationships. This course teaches how to develop curiosity, receive feedback, examine biases, walk-in others' shoes, and other tactics to become more empathetic. Enroll yourself in our Empathy Tutoring Program.

Harmony Tutoring

Having your mind, body, and spirit in complete harmony is essential. Your ideas, feelings, and actions should be consistent and in simultaneous agreement to live a highly fulfilling and peaceful life. So enroll yourself in our Harmony Tutoring Program.

Relationship Tutoring

All relationships tend to hit roadblocks if not looked after. Our relationship tutoring program gives you the knowledge and training to understand what it takes to build a long-lasting personal and professional relationship. Enroll yourself in our Relationship Tutoring Program.

Success Tutoring

Is success everything to you? Well, we have just the program for you. Our success tutoring program helps you identify what success means to you, create a strategy to achieve success and equip you with the right tools. So enroll yourself in our Success Tutoring Program.

Emotional Competence Tutoring

It's time you level up your personal and social skills for identifying, interpreting, and constructively responding to emotions in different situations. Our program will help you express your feelings with complete freedom. So enroll yourself in our Emotional Competence Tutoring Program.

Emotional Resilience Tutoring

How stable are you emotionally? Use our emotional resilience tutoring program to find out how emotions impact the quality of our lives. Become a master of your feelings, adapt to stressful situations better, and gain complete control over your body. Enroll yourself in our Emotional Resilience Tutoring Program.

Goal-achieving tutoring

We all have life goals. But what should we do to achieve them? Our wellness tutors will walk you through the steps to set the right goals and strategies to achieve them without fail. So enroll yourself in our Goal-achieving Tutoring Program.

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Our wellness tutoring programs take you on an educational journey that helps unlock your potential. The journey will not only help you in your personal life but will also boost your professional career. So, don't hold back. It's time to take action and dive into a world of consistent improvements!


All testimonials have been adapted and modified from the original text in order to provide identity protection.

“I learned how to imagine the future and implement the SIR technique through emotions processed intofeelings. I learned how to gain positivity through my imagination, and plan to put these learnings to daily use.”

“I learned how to find my safe place to help me deal with situations that are hard, and to feel strongeremotionally.”

“I learned to create a safe place in my mind. Now I know how use my imagination to create a place of peace and love for myself and practice this during meditation. I learned to creating new neuro pathways in my brain to go with those feelings in my safe place.”

“This was a very interesting experience. Learning about the science of psychology and understanding that we have more control over ourselves and the future than I could ever imagine. Very interesting and eye-opening.”

“During my sessions with OG, I learned about creating and understanding my values and the values of people close to me. I’m very happy to have had this experience.”

“I look forward to our sessions every time. And learn new things about myself, my emotions, goals, and how to work towards reaching my desired results. You are awesome OG. Thank you for helping me to have an open mind, and stay positive.”

“With OG I learned techniques and tools I can use to stay calm and think before acting. Thank you!”

“My session with OG helped me learn how to pair my imagination with feelings of love emanating from my heart out to the world. These sessions always leave me feeling very positive about myself and my future.”

“Today I learned a lot about my brain. Understanding neuroplasticity, the subconsciousness now help me “rewrite” my future to one I am hopeful for. Thank you OG.”

“With OG I learned that I can really make my life what I’ve been imagining. OG – you are one of the most important parts to my emotional recovery.”

“I have gained a better understanding on how the brain works and how to make new connections in the brain and work on becoming a better person. Very good and interesting session. Thank you OG!”

“With OG I feel I have not only become a better person, but gained interesting knowledge about the neuroscience behind thought patterns that dictate our future. This helped me break my paramount issue of extreme anxiety, and control my panic attacks.”

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