Wellness Counseling

Providing a Safer Healing Place for You and Your Family.

We live in a fast-paced world where feeling lost, stressed, and anxious has become common. Sometimes we feel helpless and overwhelmed by the increasing number of life problems — making our lives miserable and sad almost always.

We are here to help.

As an experienced counselor focusing on Self Identity Remodeling (SIR), i.e., a psychological approach based on modern sciences, neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum mechanics, we will help you make significant progress in life by dealing with the issues you struggle with.
As wellness counselors, we will equip you with the tools necessary to make crucial mindset and life changes to help you overcome challenges, achieve your goals, and enjoy living a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

What is Wellness Counseling?

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Before discussing wellness counseling, we must understand what "wellness" means. It refers to the dynamic process of integrating physical, mental, and spiritual fulfillment into our lives. Participating in wellness counseling sessions requires commitment as the counselors push you toward an optimum state of health and well-being.
With wellness counseling, you can harmonize your body, mind, and spirit, allowing you to live a more fulfilling life.
This is precisely what you can achieve through our wellness counseling programs. Wellness counseling entails careful identification of your strengths, weaknesses, personal choices, and objectives to equip you with better daily decision-making ability that fosters overall improvement. In addition, wellness counseling will help you improve specific areas of your life, such as stress and emotion management, nutrition, physical activity, weight restoration, and more.

How does our Wellness Counseling in St. Augustine Fl benefit you?

There are several benefits of participating in wellness counseling sessions. Let's discuss some of the most rewarding benefits of wellness counseling, shall we?

Improved communication and interpersonal skills

Wellness counseling provides exclusivity, privacy, and the opportunity to speak your mind. Our wellness counselor wants to learn more about your life to help you better. The more you speak your heart out, the more you'll gain confidence in your communication and interpersonal skills. 

Greater self-acceptance and self-esteem

Believe us; we have seen it all. Therefore, our counselors listen to you free from judgment, allowing you to discover yourself in our sessions. We are here to build your self-esteem by recognizing your strengths and weaknesses while helping you improve your overall state of mind.

Ability to change self-defeating behaviors

We tend to doubt our abilities and training when we struggle to overcome obstacles. Add self-defeating habits and behaviors such as procrastination, absent-mindedness, and negative thoughts, and we have a perfect recipe for failure. Our wellness counseling sessions help you identify and eliminate self-defeating behaviors.

Better expression and emotional intelligence counseling

Most of the problems we face as a family can be cured through better expression and emotion management. Our family counseling in St. Augustine, Fl, experts will indulge your family in a brief conversation that will eventually help you understand each other and be more welcoming. This is important as each family member has their strengths and weaknesses.

Relief from mental health conditions

Are you suffering from anxiety or depression? We can help you understand your mental health condition and develop solutions and strategies customized to your particular needs. In addition, our experienced and trained wellness counselors will provide relief from mental health conditions.

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Increased confidence and decision-making skills

Wellness counseling is an outstanding educational experience that will help you learn more about yourself while acquiring new skills. We will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and suggest result-oriented treatment options. With our wellness counseling, you will achieve clarity of thought, improving your decision-making skills.

Highly trained and better stress management motivated teams

Stress can lead to psychological and physical problems that significantly reduce your ability to enjoy life. Do you feel stressed almost all the time? Then, you can talk to us. Our wellness counselors will devise a perfect plan to overcome the struggle and equip you with tools for better stress management.


Improves problem-solving abilities

We will never run out of problems in our lives. Therefore, developing a strong mind that identifies life problems with opportunities to excel is crucial. However, such a mindset can only be achieved through proper counseling and training focusing on problem-solving abilities. 

Achieve a greater sense of purpose

As humans, we all need a "why" to work for. In other words, we need a sense of self and purpose to push us to achieve incredible things. As your wellness counselor, we will help you realize your potential and what you can achieve. We will help you discover yourself and why you've been put on earth.

Recognition of distorted thinking

We have encountered cases where the person finds concentrating difficult and can't think straight. Distorted thinking and lack of focus are two problems that most of our clients complain about. With our wellness counselors, our clients can address these problems as we develop solutions tailored exclusively for them.

Common misconceptions about wellness counseling

  • If I ask for help, people will think I need to be stronger.

    We won't think you are weak, broken, or abnormal. We have a long list of clients with mental illnesses and addictions. Such issues are quite common and require help to overcome them.

  • None can understand what I'm going through.

    No, that's not true. Our experienced and trained wellness counselors know the right questions to ask. We are here to listen to what you have to say. After all, we are here only to help you.

  • Counselors will send me to a hospital.

    No, this is not true. We will work with you to create a plan to ensure your safety. In addition, our wellness counselors will do their best to address your needs and provide you don't contemplate taking extreme actions.

  • Do you have a money back guarantee?I should try harder in life to avoid wellness counseling.

    Ignoring the problem or trying to push through it will only worsen the issue. Psychological problems should always be dealt with with the help of a counselor.

  • How can I change my plan?Once I start, I will always have to take counseling.

    Not true. We encourage clients to participate in wellness counseling sessions until they return to normal functioning. Our corrective techniques and solutions will ensure long-lasting improvements; hopefully, you will never have to see another counselor!

Remember, difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

We understand that you and your family have gone through difficult experiences. But it's time to step forward and address life problems head-on. Together, we will figure out the root causes of your struggles and develop solutions and long-lasting strategies that will take you closer to your goals and objectives. Then, it's time to live the life you always wanted.


All testimonials have been adapted and modified from the original text in order to provide identity protection.

“I learned how to imagine the future and implement the SIR technique through emotions processed intofeelings. I learned how to gain positivity through my imagination, and plan to put these learnings to daily use.”

“I learned how to find my safe place to help me deal with situations that are hard, and to feel strongeremotionally.”

“I learned to create a safe place in my mind. Now I know how use my imagination to create a place of peace and love for myself and practice this during meditation. I learned to creating new neuro pathways in my brain to go with those feelings in my safe place.”

“This was a very interesting experience. Learning about the science of psychology and understanding that we have more control over ourselves and the future than I could ever imagine. Very interesting and eye-opening.”

“During my sessions with OG, I learned about creating and understanding my values and the values of people close to me. I’m very happy to have had this experience.”

“I look forward to our sessions every time. And learn new things about myself, my emotions, goals, and how to work towards reaching my desired results. You are awesome OG. Thank you for helping me to have an open mind, and stay positive.”

“With OG I learned techniques and tools I can use to stay calm and think before acting. Thank you!”

“My session with OG helped me learn how to pair my imagination with feelings of love emanating from my heart out to the world. These sessions always leave me feeling very positive about myself and my future.”

“Today I learned a lot about my brain. Understanding neuroplasticity, the subconsciousness now help me “rewrite” my future to one I am hopeful for. Thank you OG.”

“With OG I learned that I can really make my life what I’ve been imagining. OG – you are one of the most important parts to my emotional recovery.”

“I have gained a better understanding on how the brain works and how to make new connections in the brain and work on becoming a better person. Very good and interesting session. Thank you OG!”

“With OG I feel I have not only become a better person, but gained interesting knowledge about the neuroscience behind thought patterns that dictate our future. This helped me break my paramount issue of extreme anxiety, and control my panic attacks.”

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