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SIR offers the following topics in the sessions:

● Importance of EQ.● Exercises to help you to recognize your feelings and emotions.● Validation of your emotions, Self-Awarness.● Learn how to put boundaries on your emotions.● Build Self -regulation, and Motivation.● Empathy.● Learn Self-Confidence.● Learn Social skills, and practice how to express your feelings correctly, developing relationships.● Build Emotional Resilience.● The most common and powerful feeling, that affects our life.

● Role of smile.● Smile exercise.● Conscious and Unconscious.● System of beliefs, and how it is created.● Imagination.● Practical Imagination.● Create your own system of Beliefs.● Coherence between heart and brain.● Create a Safe Place.● Set up short-term and long-term goals.● Learn how to build desirable character qualities.


Business Group Sessions

As a working professional, you must have realized the need to be calm in a crisis, deal well with upset customers or employees, and approach existing problems methodically. However, the stakes get higher if you are in a leadership role. You'll have to be more self-aware, motivated, self-regulated, and emotionally resilient while being empathetic to your team members.

Here are some exciting benefits of understanding SIR-driven Emotional Intelligence

● EQ helps professionals move to the next level.● EQ helps work positively in stressful and challenging situations.● EQ helps manage reactions to others' emotions.● EQ helps recognize negative feelings and use them in your favor.● EQ helps manage expectations in the workplace.● EQ helps employees develop positive interpersonal relationships.

● EQ helps conquer fear and insecurities.● EQ helps improve communication skills.● EQ helps enhance your social skills.● EQ helps strengthen team cohesiveness.● EQ helps you become a better leader!

With my help, by triggering your IMAGINATION you will learn and practice how to craft, create, and build your desirable present, and as a result, your successful future. Combining Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Hygiene tools you will have a detailed understanding of your emotions and will learn to control them. You will become the one who controls how your life should be, regardless of the circumstances that life has or will make you face.

Self Identity Remodeling

About Us

Greetings, Allow me to introduce you to Self Identity Remodeling or SIR.

Self Identity Remodeling is a psychological approach based on modern sciences, including neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum mechanics. SIR will give you the keys to any future you desire, by teaching you how to use the most powerful tool in your possession, your IMAGINATION. You will learn what IMAGINATION is, how it works, and most importantly, you will be able to adjust your personality to attain a desirable one. Oleg Sotnik● Masters in Psychology● Educator
By triggering your IMAGINATION you will be able to achieve many possible goals in the future, giving you the power to change your life. By rewiring your neuron connections you will make you exactly the person you would like to be, with no limits in your power to control your future. By rewiring your neurons' connections, you will become the master of any character qualities that will lead you to success. Social or professional relationship difficulties, substance dependence problems, dependable behavior, or emotional discomfort from your past; you will be able to manage and understand these experiences, and as a result, you will have the power to learn from them and use them in your life without emotional pressure.

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    Combining Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Hygiene tools you will have a detailed understanding of your emotions and will learn to control them. As a result, you will be able to treat and overcome a disturbing past or challenging future.You will be able to use your IMAGINATION to go back to your past and pull only valuable knowledge without any negative emotional baggage and use this knowledge in modeling a new successful YOU in your successful future.
    Subconsciousness is designed to protect us, but it usually lacks freedom and power of choice by blocking our will; SIR will teach you how to become a master of your decisions.In a highly-technological world, where big tech corporations are learning how to manipulate your decisions daily, SIR can provide you with a Brain Hacking Shield.
    With my help, you will learn and practice how to craft, create, and build your desirable present and as a result -your successful future. You will become the one who controls how your life should be, regardless of the circumstances that life has or will make you face.And all this you can learn with Self Identity Remodeling!Looking forward to meeting you in person and having the honor of helping you through our SIR sessions.

Happiness & Positive Thoughts

Are you feeling overwhelmed, losing hope or just wanting things to be different?

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All testimonials have been adapted and modified from the original text in order to provide identity protection.

“I learned how to imagine the future and implement the SIR technique through emotions processed intofeelings. I learned how to gain positivity through my imagination, and plan to put these learnings to daily use.”

“I learned how to find my safe place to help me deal with situations that are hard, and to feel strongeremotionally.”

“I learned to create a safe place in my mind. Now I know how use my imagination to create a place of peace and love for myself and practice this during meditation. I learned to creating new neuro pathways in my brain to go with those feelings in my safe place.”

“This was a very interesting experience. Learning about the science of psychology and understanding that we have more control over ourselves and the future than I could ever imagine. Very interesting and eye-opening.”

“During my sessions with Oleg, I learned about creating and understanding my values and the values of people close to me. I’m very happy to have had this experience.”

“I look forward to our sessions every time. And learn new things about myself, my emotions, goals, and how to work towards reaching my desired results. You are awesome Oleg. Thank you for helping me to have an open mind, and stay positive.”

“With Oleg, I learned techniques and tools I can use to stay calm and think before acting. Thank you!”

“My session with OG helped me learn how to pair my imagination with feelings of love emanating from my heart out to the world. These sessions always leave me feeling very positive about myself and my future.”

“Today I learned a lot about my brain. Understanding neuroplasticity, the subconsciousness now help me “rewrite” my future to one I am hopeful for. Thank you, Oleg.”

“With OG I learned that I can really make my life what I’ve been imagining. OG – you are one of the most important parts to my emotional recovery.”

“I have gained a better understanding on how the brain works and how to make new connections in the brain and work on becoming a better person. Very good and interesting session. Thank you OG!”

“With Oleg, I feel I have not only become a better person, but gained interesting knowledge about the neuroscience behind thought patterns that dictate our future. This helped me break my paramount issue of extreme anxiety, and control my panic attacks.”

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