Emotional Wellness Tutoring Programs

There are times when you cannot perform your best and achieve the set goals. You might struggle to find adequate time to focus on yourself and fulfill your need to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Our emotional skills tutoring programs are devised just for you. If you find managing time, prioritizing, managing stress, growing professionally, or achieving optimal well-being challenging, our wellness tutoring programs will be helpful.

What is the secret to long-term success?

Some students and parents might argue that it is a combination of hard work and resilience. Others might counter it by claiming discipline and consistency as the ultimate qualities we need to succeed. Indeed, such attributes are necessary for students willing to achieve their academic and professional goals.

How to extend success for a long time?

Remember, the quest to achieve success doesn’t stop when you overcome external obstacles and hurdles. The real test is when you must compete with your inner self — the ultimate test for becoming more emotionally resilient. After all, at the peak, all you have is yourself to compete with and push the envelope!

You must use our Emotional Wellness Tutoring Programs to become emotionally intelligent.

As a student, you must have realized the need to be calm in crucial exams, understand the fundamentals and their applications, and approach education methodically. If you are a parent, the stakes get even higher as you have a child to prepare for the above-mentioned challenges. 
You’ll have to be more self-aware, motivated, self-regulated, and emotionally resilient while being empathetic to your child’s needs. That’s precisely what our SIR-driven Emotional Skills Tutoring Programs have to offer.

Here are some exciting benefits of understanding SIR-driven emotional intelligence:
● EQ helps students quickly optimize their learning skills.
● EQ helps study positively in stressful and challenging situations.
● EQ helps manage reactions to others’ emotions.
● EQ helps recognize negative feelings and use them in your favor.
● EQ helps students and parents manage expectations.
● EQ helps students develop positive interpersonal relationships.
● EQ helps conquer fear and insecurities.
● EQ helps improve communication skills.
● EQ helps enhance your social skills.
● EQ helps strengthen student-parent cohesiveness.
● EQ helps students become better leaders!


Self Identity Remodeling (SIR) — Key to Become Emotionally Intelligent

How can students and parents increase their EQ? SIR is the answer.

Self Identity Remodeling is a psychological approach based on modern sciences that focuses on the application of neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum mechanics. It effectively opens you to your potential, gives you the keys to any future you desire, and helps you use the most powerful tool — IMAGINATION.

I’m Oleg Sotnik, and with my Wellness Tutoring Programs, you will learn the impact of imagination, how imagination works, and how to adjust it to achieve a desired personality. The combination of emotional intelligence and emotional hygiene tools will allow you to develop a detailed understanding of your inner self, emotions, and thoughts while providing you with complete control over them.

Self Identity Remodeling (SIR) — Modern Solution to Modern Problems

What can SIR-driven Wellness Tutoring Programs help you with? Here are some of the problems that SIR can successfully resolv

Disturbing outlook about your future

Do you have negative perceptions about your future? Do you think you will achieve nothing in the future? 
Our Wellness Tutoring Programs are designed to rewire your neuron connections and make you the person you want to be! 
You will gain complete control of your journey as you become the master of the desired character qualities.

Emotional discomfort from your past

Did you undergo situations and experiences that have impacted you emotionally? It’s time to make them stop interfering in your life. 
Through the SIR and Emotional Wellness Tutoring Programs, we leverage the power of imagination to return to our past and pull only valuable knowledge without any negative emotional baggage. The training sessions will effectively relieve you of any emotional discomfort from the past.

Relationship difficulties

We all go through problems, misunderstandings, and other issues with our classmates, parents, and teachers.
 Our Wellness Tutoring Programs will give you the tools to face the challenges in any relationship and overcome them without jeopardizing your emotional stability.


Other Benefits of the Emotional Wellness Tutoring Programs

Besides improving emotional intelligence through imagination, relieving emotional discomfort from the past, and overcoming relationship challenges, SIR-driven Emotional Wellness Tutoring Programs can serve several other purposes.

● SIR provides a detailed understanding of your emotions.● SIR removes all negative emotional baggage.● SIR teaches you how to master all your decisions.● SIR’s Brain Hacking Shield protects you from manipulative intentions.
The benefits you’ll receive through our Emotional Wellness Tutoring Programs will help you for an extended period of time. You can always look back at the training and derive solutions to problems you face in the future. In other words, SIR will serve you for a lifetime.

Self Identity Remodeling

About Us

Welcome to Self Identity Remodeling. I’m Oleg Sotnik, a Master in Psychology and Educational Consultant. I have developed Wellness Tutoring Programs that help students and parents unlock the future they truly desire.

Throughout our training, I will provide you with a safe place to build coherence between heart and brain, set up short-term and long-term goals, and learn how to build desirable character qualities.

I will train you to master your imagination, which can significantly change your life. The Emotional Skills Tutoring Programs will rewire your neuron connections to make you exactly the person you want to be, with no limits in your power to control your future. You will essentially be the master of any character qualities you desire and lead yourself to success.

Together, we will go through the power of conscious and unconscious thinking, different systems of beliefs, and the potential of practical imagination to help you develop your

  • System of Beliefs.

    As your coach and counselor, I will ensure that you understand the concept of Self Identity Remodelling and how to apply the idea to real-world scenarios. I make this possible by teaching the following topics in the sessions:
    ● Importance of EQ
    ● Exercises to recognize your feelings and emotions
    ● Validation of your emotions
    ● Learning how to put boundaries on your emotions
    ● Empathy
    ● Mastering self-confidence
    ● Learn how to express your feelings in the right way
    ● Building strong emotional resilience

    Most importantly, I teach students and parents how to meet and overcome challenges and crises with a smile on their faces. Together, we conduct Smile Exercises to realize the role of positive emotions in achieving the set objectives and goals.

How to contact us?

Are you interested in unlocking your potential and developing a more desirable and unique You? Then, feel free to connect with us and understand Self Identity Remodelling through our FREE 15-Minute Introductory Session!

You can do SIR sessions over Zoom, Skype, or Viber!

What are you waiting for? It's time to remodel your approach to emotional success!